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Wingzzz and the Dutch educational innovator Prowise are joining forces. Our joint mission is to stimulate the reading motivation of Dutch primary school children and to increase their reading skills.

Prowise in collaboration with Wingzzz has developed a number of  Prowise Presenter lessons based on selected books from the Wingzzz online library. These lessons stimulate the curiosity of children and ensure a lot of reading pleasure every day.

Research shows that pleasure while reading increases reading skills and motivation. The Presenter lessons contain activities that support the teacher but above all increase the reading pleasure.

Wingzzz and Prowise will increase the range of free lessons during the school year. Lessons contain important topics, themes or events so that relevant teaching material are always available.

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With Wingzzz you always have the best stories at hand

After a quick and easy registration, you get unlimited access to popular and beautiful children's books, both in Dutch and English.

Wingzzz can be used directly with your students. Read aloud or let students choose a book themselves and explore. With our intelligent search engine you always have the right book at hand quickly and easily.

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NOS reported at the end of 2020 that the reading skills of Dutch young people are declining more and more compared to other countries (NOS, October 2020).

The wish from several organizations is that schools should provide a wider range of books at school, in the form of, for example, a school library.

But what if you have access to an extensive online library with more than 300 children's books and can arrange these for your class or your entire school in one click?

Wingzzz has the solution for you.

Reading the richly illustrated books
gives a unique digital experience

Wingzzz can be used on any device

Show the images large on the interactive whiteboard while reading or let students read themselves using a tablet or laptop. The library is available on all devices.

Continue reading the exciting book after school? Give students home access and the exciting adventure continues.

You can read the best children's books digitally at school, in the classroom or at home.

Advantages of Wingzzz

Simple and fast,

wherever and whenever you want

Read the best stories whenever and wherever you want on any device. All books in the digital library are always immediately available.

Growing Online Library

The library is constantly being expanded with the best children's books.

Child friendly and inspiring

The user-friendly platform offers reading pleasure for both teacher and student. A safe responsible environment free of advertisements.


The books are available in Dutch and English. Reading (aloud) from an early age enriches reading skills and (language) development.

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