The story of Wingzzz begins with a young mother who was born and raised in Hungary in the 1980's,

our CEO and founder Adrienn.

As a little girl, she enjoyed the projected magical stories in the dark of Snow White, Hansel and Gretel and Sleeping Beauty, as read by her mother or her older sister.

"These warm memories will always be a part of me” - she says

Now Adrienn lives for 10 years in the Netherlands with her husband and their two sweet children.

"Every evening our children are still enjoying such beautiful moments of projected images and stories from the 80’s together with us".

"Recently I realized living in the hightech heart of the Netherlands, (the Brainport region) that although the experience of reading those old stories in the dark is still beautiful and intimate,

the technology is very old and not userfriendly at all."

"How can we meet the expectations of our (youngest) generation of this digital world?"

I was convinced that it can be done better and could flexibly support all the needs and wants of the modern families.

So, I decided to start development of the Wingzzz digital ecosystem with an engaged expert team.

Today, it has become our mission to promote reading for children while developing their cognitive and social skills, imagination, communication and language skills and to create a daily sleep routine for our new generation.” 

Our brand is inspired by the amazing qualities and metamorphosis of the Blue Morpho butterfly.

Like this magnificent creature, our children are born innocent and transparent.

As they grow we (parents) must fill them with colorful experiences

so they can transform into curious, imaginative and inspired little ones.

Eventually, they will emerge as confident and capable, aspiring young adults.

We strongly believe in the metamorphosis of children

and we support the positive emotional connection of parents during this delicate process.

WingZZZ is dedicated to enhansing true quality time and creating those magical memorable moments

for you and your child.